De laatste bladzijde: ‘Ik kan niets’

nrc.next_20170204_3_12_2 De laatste bladzijde


Judgements of incompetence. In the early stages of an inferior function experience, Introverted Feeling types (ISFP, INFP) often project their unconscious fears of their own incompetence. They become hypersensitive to others ‘mistakes’. One INFP dexcribed the experience like this: “I hone in on precise logic and truth and am very critical, detailed, picky, frustrated and irritable”. When projecting their sense of incompetence fails to take care of their unconscious issue, the negative energy of the inferior function of Introverted Feeling types takes the form of critical self-judgements. They then become consumed with self-judgements of their own incompetence. “Everything seems impossible”, said an ISFP. “I begin to lose faith in my ability to do even simple tasks.” (Uit In the Grip, understanding type, stress and the inferior function)